Novasystems gruppo

The Nova Systems Group joins for Christmas

Foreign Branch Offices co-workers were also present at the dinner

Nova Systems Group gathered for Christmas Holidays at Verona, where the company’s head office is located. It was the occasion for sharing with the colleagues the last NS’s national and international events and outline the future scenario. Besides, awards for employees working at Nova Systems for more years were given. An IT company specialized and present on the logistics,  global transportation and customs sector for more than 30 years.

At the event were present more than seventy people from the Verona, Milan e Florence Prato offices. Besides those from the Barcelona and Mexico City. As a matter of fact, for a few months the company has started an important internationalization process that has led to the recent opening of the firm in Switzerland.

Awards for those working in the company for a lot of years were given

During the event people working at Nova Systems for more than 30 years were awarded: Valerio Avesani, Marco Baldessarini, Ivano Avesani, Valeria Avesani e Domenico Lorenzi. For more than 20 years : Giuseppe Riccardi, Maurizio Sartori e Riccardo Tarocco. And for more than 10 years: Fabrizio Tonnarelli, Filippo Barbieri, Michelle Zamboni, Paolo Possega, Massimo Dolci, Fabio Rudatis, Davide Viviani, Filippo Menditto, Sabino Sacco, Francesco Pessina, Mario Miriamoli, Elvis Stokovac, Marcello Savoldelli, Maria Aparisi, Daniele Gottardo, Anna Lorenzi, Alberto Marinatto e Diego Dal Ben.


Data: 05-01-2015

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