Valerio Avesani università

Nova Systems’ IT solution was at the center of a lesson at Verona university

Valerio Avesani, CEO of NS, illustrated the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite to the students

In the past few days Valerio Avesani, CEO, Lucia Scandola, marketing manager, and Giuseppe Riccardi, accounts manager and supervisor of Nova Systems’ BeOne Cloud Forwarding SuiteIT solution, conducted a lesson for Logimaster, the master’s degree course in integrated logistics, at Verona university(photo on the left).

Avesani explained to the students that “The sector of logistics and transporters is a fascinating one, highly specialized and in continuous evolution, a sector that can offer you great satisfaction”. Nova Systems’ CEO spoke about the firm, its establishment in 1981, and its history up to the present day, with NS’s current task of opening on foreign markets with its innovative IT solution.

The representatives of NS, furthermore, illustrated for the students the characteristics and functions of the Warehouse Management System, and the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite module, the one most in harmony with the knowledge gained by the students during the master’s degree course in integrated logistics.

Data: 16-06-2014

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