Euroasian accordo

Eurasian Srl chooses the BeOne software solution


An agreement has been signed by Eurasian Srl, a firm of brokers with its headquarters in Malpensa, active in the national and international transport sector and specialized in planning logistic solutions, and the Milanese branch of Nova Systems. Eurasian Srl, the exclusive broker for Silkway West Airlines and of Azerbaijan Airlines, has decided to use Nova Systems’ software solution, BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite, for various operations: administration, management control, business intelligence, CRM, offers, tariffs, and electronic storage of documents.

Fabrizio Tonnarelli, President of the Nova Systems branch in Milan, Nova Systems Channel, which has recently moved to 45 Via Modigliani , Segrate, in order to expand its operative offices, has said this about the agreement signed with Eurasian Srl: “This is a strongly expanding Society and Group, both in terms of turnover and of transactions undertaken. For us, being able to back up their growth is a great satisfaction”.

Started up in Italy in 2013 with a clear remit for national and international transport and goods distribution , Eurasian Srl has over time become concerned with the development and supply of innovative services for its customers, such as courier assistance, groupage (consolidating orders), management of storage, and help with customs. Eurasion Srl is the exclusive broker in Italy, Germany, and Hungary for Silkway West Airlines.


Data: 30-10-2014

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