Accordo Log & Freight

Log & Freight has chosen the BeOne management software

The BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite digitizes and automates all management processes

Log & Freight, a logistics firm with offices in Milan, Parma, and Florence, has chosen the BeOne Cloud Forwarding SuiteNova System‘s management software solution that integrates all the activities of the logistics sector.

The management of Log & Freight comes from the financial and international relations sector and has made its investments in the logistics and freight market with a structure specialized in personalized logistics services and 24/24 availability. The agreement was signed by Log & Freight’s CEO, Giorgio Lusardi, and by Fabrizio Tonnarelli, president of Nova System’s Milan office, which has recently moved to 45 Via Modigliani, Segrate. Tonnarelli says, “Our software solution is scalable and independent of the size of the firm. A characteristic that makes it highly desirable for new businesses. Nova Systems supports its customers right from the startup period without having any relevant impact on investments, thanks to Cloud”. He also underlines that “BeOne is only available with a monthly fee. Thanks to our Development Center we can also guarantee that new firms will have services of the highest level with expenses proportionate to their economic resources”.

The software and the management application are distributed through Cloud computing, with the greatest security and 24/24, 7/7, and 365 days a year total assistance. Tonnarelli further says, “The BeOne Suite has many advantages for businesses: it digitizes and automates all management processes, among which CRM, and has been specifically studied for international freightage, transport, customs, and logistics; it manages relationships with clients, personalized tariffs, and spot offers, even on the web”. The president of the Milan office further underlines that BeOne “allows the optimization of routes for vehicles and the supervision of logistical and storage activities, with complete accountancy management and prompt management control”.

Data: 09-12-2014

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