Cargomar Novasystems

Cargomar has chosen BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite

Nova Systems' software is integrated so that it can follow the firm's growth, both locally and in the rest of the world

Cargomar, a leading firm in the sector of international forwarding, the supply of integrated logistics systems, and Supply Chain Solutions, has reached an agreement with Nova Systems for the use of the BeOne Cloud Forwarding Suite software manager.

Cargomar, a young and dynamic firm with headquarters in Naples and branch offices in Gioia Tauro and Parma, works mainly in the maritime sector throughout the world thanks to its widespread network of correspondents. “Through the BeOne management platform, Cargomar can activate a series of operative interactions to increase the firm’s competitiveness”, says the head of the Florence/Prato branch of Nova Systems, Fabrizio Lulli who signed the contract with Cargomar.

The firm is specialized in maritime transport and in logistics services

“BeOne is the specialized solution for the world of forwarding, transport, customs, and logistics, and it makes use of a database in which, in a natural and integrated way, is to be found a series of functions that completely cover the needs of the client firm. In particular, thanks to this integration with the most advanced functions, such as BI and CRM, it can give answers online without the need for intermediate phases such as data mining or updating.” Lulli adds that BeOne is “distributed by Cloud service, and in this way we offer our clients the possibility of working in any part of the world, with a drastic lowering of costs, and the possibility of having complete and correct information about all the firm’s branches. The management applications and all IT services are transferred from the client firm and are hosted by a single server farm with security systems managed by professional technicians”.

A further function has been added to the BeOne Air Sinc.suite. “Thanks to our agreement with Web Cargo, supplier of services for managing air company tariffs, it is sufficient to click on the BeOne Suite to have all the tariffs of cargo companies updated in real time. In the integrated BeOne system it is, in fact, possible to synchronize general quotations directly on the client’s database, allowing the forwarder to have a considerable competitive advantage. We are currently studying the same implementation for maritime freightage.”

Data: 01-12-2014

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